NHS Health at Work represents occupational health teams working in the NHS and supports the Government's approach to health and work.

The Network has set five primary strategic aims for the 2018-2021 period, summarised as follows:

  1. Act as the voice of NHS occupational health providers in informing and influencing national policy on occupational health matters
  2. Actively support the developing evidence base, whilst promoting best clinical and business practice in the innovative delivery of health and work services to NHS staff
  3. Exchange information, expertise and best practice across the Network for the purpose of developing the capability of NHS OH Services, and to help Members in securing and/or retaining SEQOHS accreditation
  4. Generate business leads from the Network website for Members interested in pursuing commercial income opportunities
  5. Collaborate with the key stakeholders in the recruitment, training and retention of occupational health professionals

The NHS Health at Work Network brings together 90% of the occupational health teams providing health and wellbeing services to NHS staff.  Our focus is on providing consistent, high quality health at work services to all NHS staff through collaborative working.

If you are a business looking for occupational health support please visit NHS Health at Work Support for Business.