What is MoHaWK?

MoHaWK is an online clinical benchmarking tool that helps occupational health teams in the NHS raise standards of health service at work.

Clinical governance systems like MoHaWK have earned a reputation for driving successful improvement. The best known systems include these for renal services and endoscopy units. These systems capture information on local practices and provide a framework that allows teams to benchmark with their peers.

Clinical governance needs to be at the heart of our work. MoHaWK is an online system that allows individual units to benchmark their own performance with other units and share their work to help others improve. It will also allow anyone to see anonymised data so that they can see how the overall performance of health at work services is improving.

Why was MoHaWK set up?

Occupational Health Services need a systematic approach to maintaining and improving the quality of patient care.

National audits have now become an established part of NHS occupational health. We have completed two audits of depression and one audit of back pain with another currently underway. Participation in audit is a feature of SEQOHS accreditation.

A series of evidence-based guidelines have been developed for the Network covering clinical issues from dermatitis to varicella-zoster.

MoHaWK adds to and enhance this work. The development of standards, the introduction of the national online benchmarking system, and the gathering and reporting of data, will all be part of our new system.

MoHaWK was launched in April 2012. There are now more than 100 OH teams in the MoHaWK community.

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