Clinical Governance - MoHaWK

MoHaWK - the national online clinical benchmarking tool for occupational health units and services


MoHaWK is a web based clinical governance system to help occupational health teams raise standards.

MoHaWK (Management of Health At Work Knowledge) will allow you to benchmark and see how your team is doing compared to others. This will encourage everyone to improve with a focus on key aspects of occupational health. 

From April 2014, a charge of £475 plus VAT per annum was implemented for all non NHS Health at Work Network members; this pays for a license for two rounds of MoHaWK (May and November). These charges compare very favourably with other similar benchmarking tools that are used by other medical specialities.

Fees for NHS Health at Work Network members have been included as part of their Network membership fee.

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