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Dear Colleagues

With the flu vaccination campaign well under way and Jabathon week it’s certainly a very busy time of year.
Congratulations to Doncaster and Bassetlaw Teaching Hospital (DBTH) for being the first Trust in the country to reach 75 per cent flu vaccine uptake amongst staff, the link is within the bulletin.
A reminder that the Seasonal Influenza Frontline Healthcare Workers Vaccine Uptake Survey is a mandatory data collection requirement and failure to respond will result in Trusts being reported as non-responders.

Please continue to feed back through your Regional Board representatives any matters you want to highlight. There has been a number of changes recently so a reminder of our current Board members:

Deputy Chair - David Maslen-Jones d.maslenjones@nhs.net
East of England  - Sue Hillman sue.hillman@btuh.nhs.uk
East Midlands - Dr Charles Goss charles.goss@uhl-tr.nhs.uk
London -  Dr Chamishani Rathmalgoda c.rathmalgoda@nhs.net
North East - Anna Porter anna.porter@chsft.nhs.uk
North West - Dr Donald Menzies donald.menzies@stockport.nhs.uk
South Central - Fiona Warren fiona.warren@ouh.nhs.uk
South East Coast - Emma Palmer e.palmer1@nhs.net
South West - Barry Lane barry.lane@uhbristol.nhs.uk
West Midlands - Dr Tamsin Radford tamsin.radford@nhs.net
Yorkshire & Humber - Tracy Scott tracy.scott@midyorks.nhs.uk

The chill has started so keep warm!

Shriti Pattani
Network Chair

The next edition will be circulated on 6th December.

In this edition:
1. MoHaWK
2. Member discount – Certificate in managing OH services
3. NHS Employers - “Rapid Access to Treatment and Rehabilitation for NHS Staff” guidance
4. Network ‘ask a question’
5. IOSH funded-research on RTW following common mental disorders
6. ACAS manager guidance on conversations around mental health
7. Creating healthy, motivating workplaces conference
8. International Practitioner Health Summit 2018: The Wounded Healer – call for abstracts
9. New Chair for Council for Work and Health
10. FOHN/AOHNP merger
11. Flu fighter update
12. NHS Employers update

1. MoHaWK – Round 12

Round 12 is nearly with us . . . and a new indicator area – electronic record keeping

Round 12 will commence in December when you should start collecting your data. You can then submit your data to the web tool in January / February.

After the amazing response to our survey at the NHS Network conference, we have reviewed your requests and managed to get an electronic record keeping template in the system for Round 12. In addition, we will be placing an audit template spreadsheet to help you collate the information you need.

The briefing sheets for Round 12 are available here, which includes the electronic record keeping section.

If you have any queries then please contact hilary.winch@syngentis.co.uk.

2. Member discount - Certificate in Managing Occupational Health Services

26 - 28 Feb 2018, Central London

The At Work Partnership is delighted to offer NHS Health at Work Network members a discount of £200 + VAT for places on our Certificate in Managing Occupational Health Services.

This three-day Certificate programme is designed to equip you with the essential management tools to deliver a successful occupational health service.
Book and pay by 5 January 2018 to qualify for our early bird rates.

More information is available here

3. NHS Employers - “Rapid Access to Treatment and Rehabilitation for NHS Staff” guidance

NHS Employers invite your comments on “Rapid Access to Treatment and Rehabilitation for NHS Staff” guidance, which was originally developed in 2012 and is currently being updated and refreshed.

The aim of this guidance is to:

  • Engage with HRDs and/or those leading on workforce wellbeing
  • Promote the importance of supporting staff with MSD working in the NHS
  • Provide the latest information on the case for action, good practice examples and key steps for employers to take to either review practice or make a positive step change in this area

We have had some discussion about this already in the team but would really appreciate your thoughts so we can ensure this has the desired impact on the following aspects:

  • Is the title of this clear for users? Should we change this to “Accessible Physio”, or do you have any other suggestions? Is this something that you think would resonate across the service or is there another well-known term that could be used instead?
  • Do you feel the guidance puts the person at the centre of the paper? If not, how do you feel we can ensure this is the case?
  • Is there anywhere/anything that needs to be included to signpost the reader to that is currently missing?
  • What are you doing in your organisations that has worked well and could make a difference in another trust that could form part of some recommended key actions? 

We want to ensure the guidance is clear and succinct, helpful and enables readers to either confirm their practice is in line with this or enable readers to be provided with evidence and actions that can enable them to positively influence moving this agenda forward in their organisation.  

Please send your comments and feedback to healthandwellbeing@nhsemployers.org by Friday 24th November 2017

4. Network ‘ask a question’

Over the last month we have posed 3 questions to the membership on behalf of individual members, covering restrictions on on-call rotas, vaccination histories and alternative scrub products. Click here for the full questions, to view the responses and/or to add a comment. If you have a question you would like to put to other Network members please email admin@nhshealthatwork.co.uk.

5. IOSH funded-research on RTW following common mental disorders

This report discusses the return-to-work process of workers on sick leave with CMDs, and the barriers and facilitators from a multi-stakeholder perspective, ie. workers, managers, mental health professionals, occupational health professionals and general physicians. The research was undertaken by Tilburg University. The researchers highlight 5 themes as central to a successful RTW, according to the 4 stakeholder groups from the focus group part of the research: 

  • workers’ motivation to return versus workers’ emotions, cognitions and coping 
  • the type of work one returns to, fulfilling and motivating activities 
  • a safe, welcoming and stigma-free work environment 
  • personalised RTW support 
  • collaboration between (health care) professionals. 

The full report, summary and tables can be accessed here

6. ACAS manager guidance on conversation around mental health

Simple guidance for managers on approaching sensitive conversation with employees on mental health has been issued by ACAS. A copy is available here.

7. International Practitioner Health Summit 2018: The Wounded Healer – call for abstracts

The research stream of the above conference is open for abstracts, which will be assessed for inclusion in the conference programme.  The research stream will focus on the following areas:

  • International Research 
  • Research into addiction in doctors 
  • Research into medical students and mental illness 
  • Clinical aspects and treatment models with respect to physician health 
  • Resilience and Healthy workplaces 
  • When treatment doesn’t work 
  • Research in Practitioner Health 

Abstracts selected for oral presentation will be able to attend the conference free of charge, whilst poster presenters will receive a 25% discount. 

The full abstracts guidance and submission form is available here and the closing date is 1st December 2017.

The conference will take place on 4th-5th October 2018 in central London. It is aimed at doctors, nurses, pharmacists, allied health practitioners, dentists, counsellors and researchers in the field of practitioner health. It is the 10 Year Anniversary Conference of the NHS Practitioner Health Programme and will bring together the academic, clinical and experiential aspects of physician and practitioner health with a particular focus on mental health. 

More information on the conference and booking is available here or email kerry@hc-uk.org.uk.

8. Creating healthy, motivating workplaces conference

This one day RSM meeting is jointly organised by Occupational Medicine and Open Sections for Wednesday 6th December. It will discuss factors that create workplace environments that encourage employee engagement, productivity and health.

A combination of informative presentations and open discussions will provide understanding of the factors that enable and constrain the creation of a healthy, motivating workplace. This knowledge can then be taken forward into action, either as health professionals employed within the NHS, or advisers to employers.

More information and booking details are available here.

9. New Chair for Council for Work and Health

Dr Steve Boorman has replaced Professor Diana Kloss as the new Chair of the Council for Work and Health.

Diana was the founding Chair of the Council, which was set up as an outcome of Dame Carol Black’s report in 2010, to provide a unified voice for all professionals in occupational health.

For further information see the Council’s press release.

10. FOHN/AOHNP merger

As reported in our last bulletin, members of the Association of Occupation Health Nurse Practitioners (AOHNP) voted on a proposal to merge with the Faculty of Occupational Health Nursing (FOHN) at their AGM. 95% of attendees supported the merger.

11. Flu fighter update

First trust reaches 75 per cent uptake

Doncaster and Bassetlaw Teaching Hospital (DBTH) are the first trust in the country to reach 75 per cent flu vaccine uptake amongst staff, for the second year running! Take a look at our news story showcasing their success and importantly, explaining how they did it.

Monthly rewards

We’ve launched a new monthly social media photo contest between October and February with the aim of getting you to share your pictures from your flu campaigns, in exchange for some flu fighter gear. The competition will be open in the last two weeks of every month and each month there will be a specific theme for you to focus on. Rewards will be available each month for the best photo we receive.

New flu posters

7 new posters are available to download to refresh your campaign.

12. NHS Employers update

NHS Employers will be running a webinar on Wednesday 22 November from 10.30 to 12.30 showcasing proven strategies and best in class examples for managing sickness absence and MSK.

This unmissable event will provide thorough and practical analysis of current practice in managing sickness absence and MSK. Join us for a webinar brimming with insights tailored specifically for health and wellbeing leads in the NHS.
Register your attendance and you will receive a confirmation email containing information to join the webinar.

Please share your experience and practice

NHS Employers are gathering information around the following topics, particularly around what’s worked and what hasn’t in your organisations. If you can share your experience please email healthandwellbeing@nhsemployers.org

Junior Doctors

  • What is your trust doing to support the wellbeing of junior doctors?
  • Are any of your staff wellbeing initiatives aimed specifically at junior doctors?
  • Any additional measures/initiatives in place to support the mental wellbeing of junior doctors other than normal EAP arrangements/mental health initiatives aimed at all staff?
  • Does your trust provide healthy hot food options for junior doctors during nights/weekends?

NHS England public consultation; ‘a commitment to reduce sugar-sweetened beverage sales within the NHS’

  • What are trusts within the Yorkshire and Humberside region doing in relation to meeting the NHS England public consultation?
  • Is your trust going for a total ban or are you looking at providing a choice (limited to a maximum 10% of total sales)

Sharing best practice on initiatives to support CQUIN 1b – healthy eating of out of hours staff

We’re looking for trusts that have done anything specific in this area that you would be able to share with the rest of the network?

Stress management programmes

Has your trust used an external stress management provider and if so, how much money was allocated to that external provider?


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