Latest Covid19 15.03.2020

Dear Colleagues,

As the situation with COVID-19 evolves National Guidance is being updated on a regular basis. 

We will do our very best to keep the OH community updated with the guidance as it is published. It will be for individual Organisations to implement this guidance in accordance with their local circumstances.

The latest guidance was updated on Saturday 14 March.

COVID-19: actions required when a case was not diagnosed on admission

This document provides advice for healthcare providers on actions for healthcare staff, who have recently identified cases of COVID-19 in existing admitted patients who were not initially diagnosed.

There may be further information specific to each country in the United Kingdom, as this guidance was written by Public Health England primarily for an English health professional audience. To see if country specific information is available, please refer to Health Protection ScotlandPublic Health Wales, or Public Health Agency in Northern Ireland.

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Dr Anne de Bono                                                                         Dr Shriti Pattani

President                                                                                       Chair

Faculty of Occupational Medicine                                           NHS Health At Work Network